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divorcing spouses collaborating with a family lawyerAre you and your spouse generally on good terms and able to approach issues in a calm manner? Are you fearful of emotionally painful court appearances? Are you willing to compromise with your spouse on the terms of your impending divorce? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, collaborative divorce might be a good option for you and your family.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Put simply, a collaborative divorce is one in which both parties agree to hammer out the details of their divorce outside of the courtroom and in a cooperative way. Instead of letting a judge decide on certain aspects such as the division of marital debt and assets and custody and child support, the two of you and your respective attorneys will work together to decide those things.

What Does Collaborative Divorce Look Like?

The terms of your divorce will be decided through as many coordinated meetings as it takes, though efficiency is often an important goal. Because you will have reached these decisions jointly and are not contesting them, it is almost guaranteed that Oregon courts will accept the terms of your divorce without your having to argue for them in front of a judge.

Experience You Can Trust

Lee Tyler Family Law, P.C. enthusiastically supports collaborative divorce. We find that the clients who negotiate the terms of their divorces by this method experience far less stress, expensive legal bills and wasted time than those who pursue a more traditional route. We are confident in our ability to assist you through this process.

Lee Tyler Family Law, P.C. helps Oregon and Washington heterosexual, same-sex, and LGBTQ family law clients get through their divorces in a more relaxed and cooperative manner. We represent clients throughout the Portland metro area, including Vancouver, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Tualatin, Gresham, and Oregon City. If you are considering a collaborative divorce, contact our office today at (503) 233-8868 for an initial short free telephone consultation to discuss your case.