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Domestic partnerships and cohabitation agreements are two ways to formalize a romantic relationship and take part in legal protections without having to become married. Domestic partnerships are only available for same-sex couples, whereas all couples may create a cohabitation agreement. Essentially, these designations protect assets when a couple lives together, even if they are not married.

Domestic Partnerships in Oregon

Not all states recognize domestic partnerships, but Oregon does. Before same-sex marriage was legalized in our state in 2014 and federally in 2015, domestic partnerships were as close to marriage as a same-sex couple could get under the law. An Oregon domestic partnership gives you the following legal advantages and protections:

  • You may jointly file state taxes
  • You may be informed of, and make decisions on behalf of, your partner’s healthcare & visit them in a hospital
  • You may share custody of a child
  • You may seek spousal support if the partnership is dissolved
  • You may inherit your partner’s assets if they die without a will
  • Enjoy the rights of survivorship of property

Just like a marriage, a registered domestic partnership will need to be formally terminated if your relationship ends, otherwise, your former partner may have a claim to your assets. We can help our clients both form or dissolve a domestic partnership.

Cohabitation Agreements

A cohabitation agreement is used by couples who reside together but have not registered their relationship in a domestic partnership or marriage. Couples of any sex may create a cohabitation agreement in order to protect their assets should the relationship end. Simply put, a cohabitation agreement is like a premarital agreement for unmarried couples. It outlines your individual and shared assets and how those should be divided.

It can also detail how expenses and assets are managed while you reside together to reduce stress and confusion. For example, say your partner is responsible for paying rent each month and you are responsible for paying all utilities and other bills. If one of you does not hold up your end of the deal, you will have legal recourse to fall back on if trouble arises. Lee Tyler Family Law, P.C. can help you draft or dismantle a cohabitation agreement.

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