I’m Considering Representing Myself In Court For My Divorce But I Need Help. Does Your Firm Offer Any Counseling Or Advice?

Yes. We understand that hiring a divorce attorney may be out of reach financially for some. For that reason, we offer comprehensive divorce coaching and counseling services for individual clients who want to save money by representing themselves in a divorce, but need a bit of guidance.

How Does Same-Sex Divorce Differ From Heterosexual Divorce?

In process, it doesn’t. However, many individuals that are a part of a same-sex marriage simply feel more comfortable working with a divorce attorney who is dedicated to providing an inclusive and judgment-free office environment. We take pride in treating each and every client with the utmost respect and professionalism, no matter their sexual orientation, gender, identity, race, religion, national origin, income level, and other factors.

My Soon-To-Be-Ex Spouse And I Acquired A Lot Of Wealth, Plus Some Debt During Our Marriage. How Do I Know What I’m Getting Or Stuck With After Our Divorce Is Final?

It is important to understand how your assets and debt will be divided once your divorce is final. Depending on your situation, you may be able to come to an agreement with your spouse and avoid court altogether. However, if you are unable to do this, we will help you take stock of what assets and debt are in play and what you want to fight for in court.

My Partner And I Are Completely On The Same Page Regarding Our Uncontested Divorce And Have Already Agreed To The Terms. Do You Offer Any Sort Of Discount Or Reduction Of Rates For A Quick And Easy Divorce?

We are one of few firms that offers flat rate fees for uncontested divorces, which is what you are describing. An uncontested divorce is handled without needing to argue in court and therefore is relatively quick and efficient.

Will I Have To Pay My Ex Spousal Support/Alimony If We Divorce?

It is certainly a possibility, but it depends completely upon your specific set of circumstances. Were you the primary breadwinner for the two of you? Is your spouse unprepared to join or rejoin the workforce? Did you engage in adultery during your marriage? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be ordered to pay spousal support. We encourage you to call us today to discuss your situation in detail.

My Partner And I Are Generally In Agreement About What We Both Want Out Of Our Divorce, But Need Help With A Few Remaining Issues And Really Want To Avoid Going To Court. What Are Our Options?

It is not uncommon to want to keep your marriage and personal details from being aired out in a courtroom, which is why many couples attempt to agree on the terms of their divorce in private. Sometimes, however, they are simply unable to come to a complete agreement without outside help. In this case, mediation is often a great happy medium to explore. We can help you with this.

My Ex And I Want The Best For Our Children, But We Haven’t Been Able To Agree On How We Will Divide Child Rearing Duties And Times. What Now?

You will each need to retain a lawyer and get ready to negotiate the terms of child custody and parenting time through the proper legal channels. We will help you resolve your differences outside of court if necessary, but will gladly represent your interests in front of a judge if we must.

Help! Someone Close To Me Has Been Threatening/Harassing/Following Me. How Can I Get Them To Stop And Leave Me Alone?

First, we are so sorry to hear you are experiencing harassment. We can help you gather the necessary evidence to file for a restraining order to ensure your safety. Please contact our office immediately so that we may assist you and remove this burden of fear.

My Partner And I Are Committed To One Another And Might Consider Marriage, Or Take A Less Traditional Approach And Form A Domestic Partnership Or Cohabitation Agreement. Can Your Firm Advise Us And Draft The Necessary Paperwork?

Absolutely. All couples are free to determine the terms of their relationship and we have helped countless people negotiate premarital agreementsdomestic partnerships, and cohabitation agreements to fit their unique needs.

Are There Any Areas Of Family Law For Which Your Firm Does Not Offer Representation?

The only areas of family law the Lee Tyler Family Law, P.C. firm does not accept are surrogacy or adoption cases.

What Are Your Hours Of Operation?

We are open for client appointments from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

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