Flat-Fee Divorce in Oregon

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There are many concerns you likely have if you are on the verge of a divorce. While you are trying to envision a different future for yourself, you are probably additionally conscious of your new financial reality. As you think about working with an experienced divorce attorney who can help you dissolve your marriage with the support and confidence you need, you’re probably also curious about how much your divorce will cost you. Some law firms in Oregon offer flat-fee divorces, which may sound appealing. However, flat-fee divorces are appropriate in only limited circumstances, that is when the parties have already worked out agreements regarding legal custody and parenting time, child support and spousal support, and division of assets and debts.  In other words, there will be little if any attorney negotiation, and no fighting in court.

Unless you are already highly knowledgeable regarding your rights and obligations in a divorce, it is highly advisable that you work with an attorney who may charge a bit more but who offers you the reliable and effective advice you need during this challenging time.

You Get What You Pay For

Like most services, you tend to get what you pay for when it comes to flat-fee divorces. Of course, if you are confident that you have already reached an amicable arrangement with your spouse, a flat-fee attorney may be able to provide you with the basic services you need. For most people, however, a more holistic and comprehensive approach is necessary, especially when it comes to this important decision that carries weighty ramifications for your future.

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