Get the Facts About the Divorce Process in Oregon

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When it comes to a procedure as emotionally trying as divorce, it pays to know the facts about how the legal process actually works. It pays to be discerning about the information you get on the subject, especially online, and it’s advisable to find and save quality reference sources.


That’s why if you’re just embarking on the divorce process and haven’t decided on your attorney yet, you’ll benefit from bookmarking the Divorce in Oregon page at the Oregon State Bar website. As a regulatory professional agency dedicated to helping lawyers serve and protect the public, the State Bar is a great place to learn about all kinds of legal information that applies to our state, including divorce.

Getting Your Initial Questions Answered

The page is organized like a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and addresses subjects that include how to file for divorce, residency requirements for a divorce case in Oregon, how to deal with serving papers, what the costs are, and issues like mediation and legal separation. Although this information source isn’t designed to give you the insight and personalized strategy you get from a divorce attorney, it does clarify many of the tasks you have ahead of you if you’re considering a divorce in Oregon—so it’s definitely worth bookmarking.

Keep Perspective When Considering Your Next Step

Information is key when it comes to divorce, especially if you’re just considering how to start the process. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to your specific situation, so it pays to have a highly experienced firm like Lee Tyler Family Law, P.C. help you inform your decisions and get your documents filed.

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