Savvy Same-Sex Divorce Attorney Serving Scappoose Residents

Oregon has been a champion of LGBTQ rights nationwide, especially when it comes to protecting the rights of same-sex couples. We believe that everyone has the right to quality legal representation when pursuing a divorce, separation, or other family law matter. Lee Tyler Family Law, P.C. proudly offers trusted legal support to Scappoose clients pursuing a same-sex divorce.

While same-sex divorces are virtually the same as heterosexual divorces, many firms lack the sensitivity and deep understanding of the unique challenges facing same-sex clients who are pursuing a divorce. With an extensive track record of working with members of the LGBTQ community on issues of divorce and family law, our firm can offer you the acceptance and guidance you need during these difficult times.

Lee Tyler Family Law, P.C. is ready to answer all of your questions regarding the same-sex divorce process. You will feel right at home in our office, where we will treat you with the respect, compassion, and professionalism you deserve.

What You Can Expect During Divorce Proceedings in Scappoose

As you navigate the landscape of divorce, you should be prepared to go to court in order to defend your rights. While you may be able to reach a satisfactory divorce agreement through mediation, you should keep yourself open to all possible scenarios. You can expect to address topic such as asset and property division, spousal support, and child custody, to name a few. Our firm will be there for you every step of the way to make sure you obtain the best possible future for your family and yourself.

Domestic Partnership & Divorce for Scappoose Clients

Before same-sex marriage was legalized, LGBTQ couples in Oregon were able to enter domestic partnerships in order to access family benefits. Several same-sex couples remained in these domestic partnerships for years before they could legally marry. Ever since same-sex marriage became legal, it has become increasingly crucial to know that domestic partners must terminate their partnerships before entering into marriage, as stated under Oregon’s Registered Domestic Partnership Law.

Unfortunately, this process can create additional costs to a same-sex couple who wishes to marry. During a divorce, a judge will only consider the length a couple has been legally married when looking at the division of assets and debts they have acquired. So, while many couples may feel that they have been together for much longer, the court will only look at how long the couple has been married when making such determinations. Likewise, for couples who have been living together and are seeking to separate, those who have not signed a formal domestic partnership agreement detailing the allocation of property in the event of a breakup will be at the mercy of the court’s decisions on such matters.

Legal Guidance You Can Trust

Lee Tyler Family Law, P.C. believes in giving you the best possible legal assistance as you prepare for the next chapter of your lives. With over 30 years of experience, our firm will give you the guidance you need in order to walk away with the confidence to begin anew.

Lee Tyler Family Law, P.C. is very experienced in handling same-sex divorce cases in Scappoose. If you are ready to start the divorce process, call us today at (503) 233-8868 for a free 10-minute phone consultation.