Washington County is located in the northwestern portion of the state of Oregon. One of 36 counties in the state, approximately 580,000 people reside within its borders. Its county seat and largest city is Hillsboro, which is located due west of Portland and is the main headquarters of Intel. Washington County is Oregon’s second-most populous county. Other cities in Washington County include Beaverton, Tigard, Forest Grove, Sherwood, Cornelius, and several others.


Originally called “Twality County,” the name was changed to memorialize former American president George Washington in 1849.

Divorce & Family Relations Law in Washington County

Since establishing our family law practice in 1990, we have become deeply engrossed in the specific laws pertaining to family law issues throughout Washington County. Whatever your specific situation, we are confident in our ability to bring you a more than satisfactory outcome. We can help you file the necessary paperwork with the appropriate Oregon courts, negotiate with other involved parties, represent you in court, and guide you through every step of the legal process.

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We understand that family law matters are deeply personal and can uproot your life from its very foundation. We have over 30 years experience helping Washington County families face these difficult issues head-on. We frequently accept cases pertaining to divorce, child custody and support, spousal support and alimony, collaborative divorce, same-sex divorce, mediation, divorce coaching, premarital agreements, and more.


Our firm also provides trusted legal counsel to LGBTQ and same-sex couples in matters pertaining to LGBTQ divorcedomestic partnership agreements, domestic partnership divorce, domestic partnership dissolution, and LGBTQ prenuptial agreements.